Health benefits of Almond

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Health benefits of Almond


Almonds/ Badam are edible seeds widely cultivated of this tree. The almonds that you can buy in some best organic stores in India usually the almonds have the shell removed and revealing the edible nut inside. It can be sold either raw or roasted.

Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, rich in protein, high in magnesium, fiber, and vitamin E.

The health benefits of almonds includes lower cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels and reduced the blood pressure. They can be also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

Are almonds a better choice than other nuts?
Yes surely, almonds contains less fat than hazelnuts, pistachios and walnuts. Almonds also contains the highest amounts of, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and zinc.

Is almond milk really an alternative for cow’s milk?
Yes of course, almonds milk is better than cow’s milk. In case if you are vegan, or looking to avoid dairy, unlike lactose so switch to almond milk which is clearly labelled as unsweetened.

The plain almond milk contains added sugar – up to 20 grams per 10- ounce cup! So you will also want to check the labels for sodium. Some flavoured versions of almonds contains up to 250 milligrams, even if they don’t taste salty.

Some of your kids, they don’t have any dairy allergies. Drinking cow’s milk alternatives (like almonds milk) because they contains less fat and high protein. However, the future research says that almond milk is good for health is needed better to understand the relationship between drinking non-dairy milk and height.

What is the best time to eat almonds?
In the recent research says that you will get maximum benefit for eating nuts at everyday morning in the empty stomach and it can smoothly regulates the blood pressure in your body

Health benefits of Almonds :

Controls the level of blood sugar:
Almonds is a part of a healthful diet that may improve the glycemic status for diabetic patients.

Reduce the risk of heart disease:
In almonds contains a chemical compound (Polypheonol) have an antioxidant effect, which can improves the cholesterol and lowers the effect of heart disease.

Improve memory power:
Mamra almonds contains two essential nutrients for the brain. Almonds have to improve not just memory skills but also overall brain function.

Effective For Weight Loss
Nuts contains lot of high rich nutrients that your body struggles to break down and digest. Our human body does not absorbs more than 10–15% of the calories in nuts. And also some scientific proof says that eating nuts can boost our metabolism slightly and nuts are a great addition to an effective
weight loss diet.

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