Bulk Purchase

We know how bulk ordering can be quite a task but worry not, we understand all your shopping needs & strive to meet them as effectively and conveniently as possible. Follow these steps & make your bulk ordering easy & hassle-free:


Place your desired order. If your order exceeds 10 kg then mail us at care@occasionsdryfruit.com or call us on +918686863742.


Place your desired bulk order and ask us for a quotation. To place a bulk order the quantity requires of minimum 10 boxes of 500 grams each. It should be of the same product. The discount is 15% on the bulk order, even if the order exceeds the required quantity.


For bulk orders, payment can be made through a debit card, credit card, UPI ID, or any other online method. We accept only pre-payment for the bulk order. Cash on delivery is not applicable for bulk orders.

Order Shipped

We ship dry fruits and dates to Mumbai and across the country. We manually sort and do packaging in our state-of-the-art services to ensure that only the freshest and highest quality dry fruits are shipped to you.

Order Complete

We ensure that the order is received in the stipulated time. For that our team work very hard to ensure that you receive the best quality dates and dry fruits on time.
To place a bulk order

The quantity requires of minimum 10 boxes of 500 grams each. The boxes should be of the same product. The discount is 15% on the bulk order, even if the order exceeds the required quantity. For bulk orders (10 Kg or above), please mail us care@occasionsdryfruit.com or call us on +918686863742

Bulk orders can be placed from anywhere in India

We work earnestly to deliver your order when and where required, we understand the stress of the deadlines too.
Place a bulk gift order online and make someone happy with our state-of-the-art packing, healthy, and experience-worthy dry fruits mix, varied types of healthy dates, and seeds.

Since we deal with perishable commodities (food items), we have a strict "No Returns, No Refunds" policy. In case your order was damaged during transit or the product is inferior or stale, please get in touch with our Support Team.

Orders cancelled before shipping will be considered for a refund (partial or full depending on the orders). Please contact us within 24 hours of orders. Orders once shipped will not be liable for cancellation or returns.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why am I not able to buy Bouquets & Custom Gift Packs out Mumbai, Thane or Vashi?

Bouquets & Custom Gift Packs are fragile and requires careful handling. Shipping cost will be very high for such shipment hence, we only ship them locally.

I am outside India, I need to buy from Occassions dry Fruit.

We are currently only shipping our products within India. If you have a specific requirements, please get in touch thru our contact

I made a purchase, and my money got debited but I am yet to recieve a confirmation email or sms

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. you need not worry about the transaction. Incase the order came thru and you didn't recieve an intimation, our representative will call you on your registered number, to confirm your order, also you will get an email and sms from our banker "Axis Bank". In the event we did't recieve your payment, you should get a refund within 48 to 96 hours (2 to 4 Bank Working Days). Incase you don't recieve there after, please forward your transaction email or sms confirming transaction recieved from your bank. We will get back to you with a solution.

What is the procedure for Returning Products?

Since we deal in food items, we have a strict no return and refund policy. Incase you have any complaints or recieved spoiled goods, please contact us immediately or incase the goods were damaged on transit, please click a photo of the package opened and email us. Please do not forget to mention your Order ID along with your email after which we will provide a resolution.

Do you have a emailing list? How to subscribe or unsubscribe

When you register, we automatically add you to our mailing list so that you can to get offers, information and updates from Occasions Dry Fruit. Incase you want to opt out , visit your dashboard and click on "Manage Subscription". Similarly you can opt in at the same page.

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