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Hazelnuts (filberts) rich in unsaturated fats (mostly oleic), high in magnesium, calcium and vitamins b and e
Hazelnuts are a particularly versatile nut because of all of the different ways they can be used they can be enjoyed raw, roasted, in a paste or as an ingredient in countless healthy dishes . They Can be consumed as a raw snack, roasted or added to baked dishes such as cake, chocolates & shakes
Hazelnuts are an excellent and delicious source of nutrients for a healthy diet

Occasions dry fruit is committed to providing healthy dry fruits from around the globe. We are one of the choicest suppliers of dry fruits since last 20 years. Our products have been cherished by our clients for its consistency in quality and always reasonably priced.

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Product name  Hazelnut
Flavour/Size  Regular
Origin  North America
About the product 
Hazelnuts are encased in a hard brown shell, soft but are the majority generally sold shelled.
The cream-colored kernel, sweet-tasting is round and little, with a pointed tip.
It thin, dark brown skin is faintly bitter, so some people like to take away this before eating.
How to Use
Hazelnuts are often chopped and used in desserts like pastries, pies, truffles, biscotti, cookies, tarts, and macaroons.
Hazelnuts can be used in savory meals like pasta, ravioli, and pesto.
Hazelnut help in Supporting healthy bowel movements.
Hazelnut help in Reducing weight gain.
Hazelnut help in Protecting against cell damage.
Hazelnut help in Lowering cholesterol.
Hazelnut help in Improving insulin sensitivity.
Hazelnut help in Supporting heart health.
Hazelnut help in Reducing inflammation.
Nutritional Facts 
Calories: 9 ,Carbs: 0g  ,Fat: 1 g,Protein: 0g.
Clean And Processed By Occasions Dry Fruit

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