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Shahjeera (Caraway Seeds)

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Occasions Dry Fruits is home to pure, fresh and organic Shahjeera, free of additives and harmful compounds. With a warm, almost buttery sort of note flitters around the edges of the aroma, Shahjeera can spark up a scintillating flavor that will be etched in your mind for a very long time. The distinct flavor of Shahjeera, also known as Caraway Seeds, adds a bracing contrast to fatty foods. They are a must with strong foods likemeat dishes. Shahjeerahas been used to treat everything from indigestion to bloating to gas.The spice contains a significant amount of antioxidants that are linked to a reduction in dangerous free radicals. Getting enough of the antioxidants from Shahjeerahas been linked to a reduction in your risk of heart disease, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure.It is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals necessary for overall well-being. Add our premium quality Shahjeera to your diet and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Sure and Pure (100% Original and authenticated) Shahjeera. Deliver at your doorsteps.

For bulk orders (10 Kg or above), please mail us [email protected] or call us on +918686863742
Product name  Shah Jeera
Flavour/Size  Regular
Origin  India
About the product  Shahjeera, as the name says, is also identified as royal cumin due to its robust cumin smell and taste. Shahjeera has a strong flavour and an interesting, extravagant aroma mostly used for biryani or as a seasoning. It can be used for flavouring biscuits, pickling spice, pieces of bread etc, and is also a superb cure for digestive problems.
How to Use Shahjeera or Siya jeera is widely used for flavouring bread, biscuits, cakes and cheese.
It contains anti oxidants . 
Nutritional Facts 
Calories: 14,Carbs: 3 g,Fat: 0 g,Protein: 1 g.
Clean And Processed By Occasions Dry Fruit

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